Here are only some samples of my work, if you wanna see more please follow the link:

Lonely Paris:
Paris, the city of loneliness. If you live in Paris, then at some point of your life you are doomed to be alone, not Live alone, just exist.  Look at the first two photos... looks like a park full of life and people hanging oute right?  Well take a closer look on the photos in the lower part.
_____How tourists see Paris:

How people who live in Paris see it:

Notre Dame de Paris:

Rainy in Paris:
Just a regular rainy day in Paris and some waterphotos!

Musee du Louvre:

Gare du Nord - Paris:
The place reminds me of so many adventures I had in my life! Most of them started there!

Les Egouts de Paris:
In other words...... The Sewers of Paris.

Chateau des Versailles:
Well, if you have ever been there you know the feeling... I simple cannot describe it.

Centre Pompidou:
One of my favs spots in Paris. If you love art, culture, expositions, cinemas and everything new and interresting, then you have to visit!!!

Chateau Pierrefond:
I've seen this Chateau on a TV show, and I was thinking that it might be studios. Then I had a random walk in Paris and my dad told me to go and visit one of his fav places outside Paris and we went to Pierrefond. When I saw the TV show's castle, the chambers, the corridors ahhhh I felt like I was in the movie!

One of my favorite buildings in Paris, and one from my favorites areas to hang out :)

Pere Lachaise:
The Pere Lachaice cemetery in Paris. Some of the most famous and rich people from all over the world can be found burried in that place. Eternal lovers burried together, Poets, Actors, Creators.... only some of the photos, you can see more at the post 20-January-2012

Montmartre - Sacre Coeur:
And here is the area I live in Paris. In Mont Cenis, under this Magnifique church du Sacre Coeur, and the Montmartre hill ... Everyday i walk out of my home, its the same great feeling that I would like to share with you by taking those photos. Well Thats my neighbourhood.

Tour Eiffel: 
Well what can I say? one of the most well knows monuments around the world, and a realy nice place to be. Each time i see Tour Eiffel on my way home I feel like an eternal tourist here in Paris  hahaha.

Photos by Constantin von Blood