Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why you ACT as if you don't care when you do?

People this days think that it's a "MUST" to look independent and careless. They think that your best option is to look and behave as a "cool" person, a cold hearted individual who cares about having fun and getting the best out of everyone for as long as he/she pleases and then move on... Yes move on, MOVE ON, the new motto of our era that goes side by side withe the usual "If you want something then the universe....", "try to find inner peace", "relax" etc.
   For some, everything is about purchases and transactions, they see people, feelings, ideas, as products, not as values. You see, that's the era we live in. Take as a simple example a relationship, a sexual, love relationship. They do not advise you anymore to LOVE and care and give you best ! NO! they advise you to be careful, not give much, not to show what you feel from the beginning, to hold back, to play games to increase the interest  towards you, to act this and that and play a whole role and do tricks.... and in the end nowdays when people break up, they do not feel as if their lives are ending, they do not cry as they used to. They just say "oh well it wasn't meant to be" and move on as if it was just another episode in the weekly tv drama series.
   You know why? Because they didn't leave themselves to really fall in love on first place. If you don't fall in love, if you do not offer you heart to someone, there is no grief in the end. Some might say that it's better and safer and why to do all that if you can just have fun and enjoy. Well... to me that looks like as if someone tells me ... Why to go skydiving or on a roller coaster or do sports or do this and that when you can do it online or through a screen... The answer is.... JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO LIVE IT, not simply simulate it and pretend I do live it.
   Same thing goes with every kind of lover, friends, social relationships etc. People just seem to be more interested to pretend to live something so they have something to show to others, rather than living it to please their deep desires. So ask your self, how many things of all these things you are doing today , you would continue doing if you where in a remote island with the ability to do exactly the same things but without the social environment that you have now to observe you and expect things from you? 
   People these days just want to act cool, be cool and look most as a remote prize to win so they can feel free and important, rather than being real, warm, loving and approachable. They like to wear the mask of "I feel strong secure and independent and I don't need you to be happy" all the time, for who knows what reason each one of them... On the other hand, I am happy to admit that yes I am emotional, and some time too much. I think a lot and some times overthink things and look paranoid. I am a very attached person and a very loving one and I know that this to most of the people today might look as if I am needy cos I also go insecure some times as well. I am childish and I love good company and NO Im not gonna be happy without you and YES I like to place a part of my happiness in the hands of other people cos this is what feels best for me. But if you still want to act like it and not BE what you are, if you cannot accept me the way I am and just deal with it, then for sure you don't deserve me when I give my best and do not deserve a place next to me as my friend, my lover, my family and part of my life.