Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's not a SMART - FRIENDLY world we live in.

If you are smart:
-You cannot argue with a stupid person and explain, because they are too stupid to understand everything other than their thoughts.
-You cannot argue with someone who forgets, because they don't remember they forgot on the first place and they think you are paranoid and making stories.
-You cannot expect from others to care and help and pamper you, because everyone expects these things from you!
-You cannot expect common sense to take place and to find a middle solution to every problem because people tend to be like "This is who I am and if you like it"
-You cannot expect from others to appreciate your actions and sacrifices, simply because you do all these things to approach them and reach their level in order to communicate and they think that this is the normal you.
_and you also carry the burden of emotional intelligence , well, you are fucked up!

And this is very true! You see, you try to live your life quietly and coexist peacefully with as many people as you can... It seems thought that everyone else tries to make this impossible !
   First of all lets the the arguments. 
 Well, you try to make sense with some people, you try to explain and be rational, but they simply don't get it. Looks as if every time you say something that they won't understand, as if they don't hear it at all, as if  you are just open and moving your mouth without making any kind of sound. And all they can hear is what they like to listen from you, plus their repetitive talking.

  When someone forgets now, well it's a whole new story! Someone tells you for example "1,2,3"... after two days in an argument or a conversation you are like, Oh I did this because you said "1,2,3"... And that's where the party starts! They go ballistic that they never said so, in you mind you think (what the fuck? but I clearly remember it), you tell that "it's impossible to remember something that it didn't happen, you probably forgot" and then they claim that they don't forget you are simply didn't understand or you are making it up!

   There is a whole new level now with people who think you are they personal comfort. You pamper them, and treat them perfectly, you always care about them, sometimes you even worry. But when it's their time to do the same for you... it simply doesn't happen. And that's the main reason of why your batteries are getting drained! Because you give everything you have and none cares to recharge you.

  Another problem is the problem of logic! People are different and need different things. lets say you are number -10 and the other person is number +10 .... You see that the most logical thing to do if you like each other is to try both of you and minimize the distance  and try to find the golden line the point 0 ... And yes you try. The thing is that people who don't like challenges and are always lazy expecting only comfort they will do nothing! You can go all the way up to 0, and the only thing they will say is  "See? now we have only 10 numbers distance compared to the 20 before, so things are better therefore why worry? " They simply assume that because you did all the work to reach their side now everyone is happy!

   And after the logic problem, here comes the appreciation thing! There two are pretty much connected. Again, you get to do all the work, and people just take it for granted. Think that that's the way it should be on the first place and they don't care to show that they appreciate and value what you did for them.  That's it, so simple, so selfish.

  Last but not least, the emotional intelligence, the emotional maturity. Smart people tend to know what they want, to know what they need, and also to know what to offer. Chances are that most of the times, you will simply never get that. People tend to go to pairs, An intelligent person who offers the world, and then the other one, th one who just grabs everything if it comes easy. The one who tries and produces and the one who receives. 

   I think now you get it why some people end up living their lives with books and pets!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When the only one who understands you, is your Piano.

  My piano, this old friend, my old friend, my best friend. No matter if it is the one I own or not, no matter in what shape or size it comes in my life, it always look as the same manifestation of my friend to me.

  Every piece we share together is like an inner conversation that none knows and none can ever understand. None can hear what we say to each other but us. But I want to share some of the magic that happens.

  Sitting in front of a piano might look just fancy to most of the people, but to the few ones though, that can connect with it, it's a unique experience that no other human or non human being can recreate. When you are at the piano it doesn't feel like pressing buttons or function a machine, it feels more as if it becomes your extension, your extra limb which allows you to pass all the feelings, thoughts emotions in the physical world, in a form that everyone can understand, music.

   When you are playing the piano, each piece is connected with the period you started to practice the specific piece, with a person or a situation, with a lover or a loved one, with an era in your life and with all memories, emotions and feelings that all these have in them.  For me there are two very very special pieces. The first is from Mendelson. It is a simple quite dark piece of classic music that my favourite piano teacher taught to me. I was the first and probably the only student that she ever gave this piece to. The reason was because when she was playing this song she received a call from the hospital that her father passed away, and she never played it again or listened to it.... After many many years of his death she decided to give it to me, and when I played it for her after two months of every day practice, it was the first time that I saw my teacher crying and telling me how proud she is of me..... This piece became even more special for me when during I was playing this piece I received a break up call from my first lover, the first person I fell in love with when I was 17. Since then every time I play this piece it is a feeling of a lovely past for me, an era that changes , and the transmutation to a new cycle of life, more exciting, more adventurous, more.. MORE!

    The second song is from a movie and reminds me the summer of 2009. The best few months of my life as far as I can remember. Always brings tears in my eyes, every single time... And that's because it brings forth so much emotion so many feelings, the loss of all I had then, the life I had then, but the satisfaction that I was lucky enough to live exactly what I wanted to live at some points in my life, the joy of accomplishment and feeling loved.

   When you are playing the piano, doesn't matter what's on the manuscript paper in front of you. Everything can change. And I am sure the dead musicians who composed these pieces won't mind of your  changes, first of all because they are dead and second and more important, because they are artists! When you touch the piano while you play, feels as if it has it's own consciousness, as if it says to you "I know how you feel my friend" and then expresses your feelings through it's "voice". No matter how many times you will play the same piece... It will never sound the same. Every single time it will have a different sound, a different essence, a different feeling, because your feelings are different, because your mood changes and the world inside you is constantly moving and this inner movement passes through you to your friend and through it's voice and notes to the air around you.

   When you are playing the piano, you realise. You just realise.   It's the moment that everything loses the cloud's that covering it and suddenly becomes clear, your thoughts, your worries, your fears, your feelings, your emotions, everything comes out of it's shell and drops it's mask. And you see clearly.

   I think I can continue writing and writing about how does it feel when you play the piano, but no matter how much I write I can make none understand how it feels.

   My piano... my loyal friend.