Saturday, January 25, 2014

Harry Potter - Warner Bross Studio Tour (MEGAPOST) by Constantin Von Blood

One of the most amazing experiences I've ever had! When I arrived I just wanted to fall on the floor and scream. What made it even better was that all the trip to the Studios and the stay at London was  what I got for Christmas present !
   So here we are!!!!!!  To all Potterheads out there who haven't been at the studios yet.

The Entrance

Harry's room

Finally at the Great Hall

 Props, Make up & Studio sets.

Outside Area:

Fake snow was actually made of polymer and soap 
so floats like real snow but when it warms up
it completely disappears .

woop woop, Butterbeer time :D

Back in the Studios:

Creature Department
Where all the magic happens!!!

Note that all the creatures even some actors were in fact animatronics,
so first they filmed the robots and then added special effects for more
realistic facial expressions or movements, no creatures were just 3d digital.

Yep, Hagrid was one of the robots as well! In the close up shots was an actual
actor, but when near other actors (like when at his place with prof. Slughorn)
Hagrid was actually a huge animatronic made to look exactly just like the actor does.
And when he had to walk, for a realistic movement a 6ft 10 ex rugby player was
inside the animatronic .

Diagon Alley :D 

Architecture and Design Department:

It was really fascinating to discover all the hard work and detail!!

And Hogwarts is an actual "mini" building they made, has the size of a 2 story house.
The shooting in the movie about flying around the castle, were in fact cameras fimling
the actual mini Hogwarts and not digital effects, that's why it looks so realistic.

Let's enter the Gift shop, shall we?

One of the best Gift Shops I've ever seen!!!!
So magical and so full of wonderful stuff to buy... 
Best thing, that almost everything was at a reasonable price, 
except the chocolate frogs, the bertie botts and the cloaks which
were pretty pretty pricey, but oh well, they worth it!

So that is pretty much the studio tour, there are dozens of things more to see and lots of things to do,
like ridding a broom in the green room area, fly with the invisible car, or become
an Azkaban wanted wizard or witch. Also videos to explain how everything happens
and many many more things to discover once there!
 I will for sure go and visit at least one more time when I find the time to do so!