Monday, May 14, 2012

The Photoquote Blog :)

Due to the large amount of photoquotes I thought of creating a special blog only for them :) I will keep posting them in my personal blog but the fuul archive it is going to be in that separate page.
enjoy and share :)

Lonely Paris

Paris, the city of loneliness. If you live in Paris, then at some point of your life you are doomed to be alone, not Live alone, just exist.  Look at the first two photos... looks like a park full of life and people hanging oute right?  Well take a closer look on the photos in the lower part.
_____How tourists see Paris:

How people who live in Paris see it:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sleeping Alone

      Did you ever feel someone's hands holding you in the midle of the night? Did you ever know the feeling of being into someones arms? Did you ever feel the warmth of someone's breath on your neck while you sleep? Do you know how it feels to sleep with someone you love, how it feels to cuddle and set your mind free, because there is nothing you miss, cos you have everything into your arms? Have you ever experienced how it feels to sleep in a full bed? Full with warmth, comfort, safety, feelings, love.... To hug someone and rub his back till you fall asleep, to to synchronize the rythm of your breath , even the beat of your hearts, to feel that your dreams, your souls, your everything is going to blend together...
     And the list goes on and on and on and on....
If you ever felt this way, and you know what am I talking about... now tell me!  Can you really sleep alone now? Can you BE without all of the above? Can you go to your empty bed alone?

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