Saturday, April 21, 2012

True Desire

Love, Feelings, Thoughts and THE BRAINof the new Era!

      Loving someone but be afraid to tell. Not only of the one’s reaction but also because of thoughts about future. If I say it and this happens, if that happens, if if if!!!!  Sometimes it feels like we are trapped between two dimensions. The Present and The Future.  Loving someone that you know you cannot have right now but also an opportunity occurs about now. What do you do? Waiting for the future to become present and risk losing both or living the present and risk losing the one you truly desire?
     My spiritual trainer told me once, that if you really desire something or someone, then be patient and fight for it. Never try to fill the gap with a substitute, because then you enlarge the distance between you and your true desire and the inner pain grows stronger.
      From the other hand someone just told me that maybe the substitute can work as a mechanism to make you forget about what you really want in the future if you cannot have it and then be just fine. But I don’t think so. Can I erase so easy a true desire? Can we?
It’s like we assume that there’s a person without legs. Buy him the best wheelchair, the best substitute wooden legs, BUT still the only thing he is going to dream about, will be his true desire to be able to have a walk in the park in his real legs.
      Why do we have to live with substitutes for everything we really need? Is that the modern way of living after all? We have all the tools we need to achieve greatness, but we choose to live with synthetic dreams and desires? WHY?   Why can’t we be brave and try to achieve our real goals in life. How can we feel comfortable by using only what’s in front of us without even fight for what is right for us.
       Well I cannot!  I feel like humanity became a unified BRAIN of collective consciousness but in a negative way. In a way of control. In a way of spiritual assassination, and emotional humiliation.  Being in love isn’t something that should make you feel embarrassed because your friends think you are a fool dreamer. Dreaming about you live in a way different than the one promoted by the media isn’t something that should make you feel like an outsider only because your dream is different than the rest of the mass… And the list goes on!
      Every single one of us is different, we have different dreams, different thoughts, different emotions, …. The only thing that most of humans have in common is FEAR! Fear of not being accepted by the mass, fear of not be the perfect example of prototype …
     Well seriously? F**k that shit! I am Greek , and in my country  we used to say “ Better an hour of freedom in our life, than 40 years of slavery and prison” . I am not going to surrender in the modern way of living, I am a free spirit a free soul and a Warrior! I don’t know how to give up, I only know how to fight!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


        Sometimes it feels like it’s the moment in your life that you have to start taking things more seriously than before. It’s the point that feels like a clock ringing inside you and alerts you that you have to begin your own life, create your own way of living, be the “creator” of your world and start living within it.
       I’m in such a creative mood, not only creative in an artistic way but creative in a more hmmm how to say.. well  probably  that’s in an artistic way to, because which art is greater than the creation of a new life? I want to create “ Constantin’s ” world, do you know what I mean? Have an everyday way of living, a new everyday routine, a new house, have a job that I’ll like or even better create something on my own, have a relationship, everyday friends, a per, even a family!!!!
      In order to do that, I know that I have to have somewhere to start “building” and in order to start building and creating further I have to have the right mood and psychological stability! To do that I know exactly what I need. I need something that everyone needs I think. I need my “headquarters” , and what is a better place to be your headquarters than your home?
      Having a home, makes you realize that you belong somewhere, that you have a base to hold your life , the safety that you have a shelter to turn in if something happens, and most of all the joy that you have a “womb” to give birth to your dreams! When I imagine waking up in a proper house that can makes me feel HOME, waking up in my bedroom and the first thing that I see be the one I love, and then have a lovely breakfast with that person, pet my dog, make herbal tea and then sit on my desk in front of the window.. THEN……. Then I know that that’s the thing I want, that’s the thing I need the most! A nice place with a lovely, quite and yet powerful environment to live so I can start creating further and building my world, “our” world in case I’ll not be alone.
       That’s why even if I’m almost 22 years old I find so important to settle down and have a life with stable foundations. Not to start living as an old person doing his everyday boring routine BUT to have everything I need and want to start creating my everyday adventures!   

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