Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gare du Nord - Paris

The place reminds me of so many adventures I had in my life! Most of them started there!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Glasgow: The first feelings...

      Such a magnificent city. For me looks like the place to be.  An excellent combination of the old with the new, the gothic with the modern, the industrial with the nature. All these houses that look like tiny castles, the big roads full of kids playing outside with their friends and pets, people who smile at you when you look at them an greet you with an honest “Goodmorning”.  The river that passes through the city in which you can see the reflection of black skyscrapers made of crystal and the lights of the bridges. The numerous parks and ponds, and the green color that breaks the grey monotony of the city and combined looks like a modern elf city, and so many more things that I have no time to describe right now… make that place to be something unique!
     I feel like I found a secret door to enter the heaven. A small heaven on earth that very few people know about.  And I feel so lucky that I can say that I feel like I am blessed!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home: a kid's fortress for Adults!

     When I was a kid, I uses to build fortresses all day long inside my parents house,  outside to the garden or everywhere I was able to! I was filling them up with everything I needed back then, my toys, snacks, and felt so safe and stable even if they were made by pillows and bed sheets some times.
     In two months I‘ll be 22 and since I was 18 I used to live in my own house, having my own stuff, and cover my everyday needs. And it felt just ok for me. The past few months I decided to change my place of living and find the “perfect” place for me to start my very own life again as I wanted it to be!! And now I realize that having back then my own house didn’t only feels just ok, it felt Great!!! And here I am again, trying to find the place to live, and have the house I want to live.
      Now I know! For an adult, house is the fortress he used to have in his childhood! A small place in the world that keeps inside everything one’s need for his living, the roof on top of his head to protect him from the rain, the walls to keep inside what he loves, the feeling of home that makes him feel stable in a place and have his own “headquarters” in this world. A fortress that provides safety and can be the womb for the creation of the future dreams.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo Quote of the Day :)

The Night…

   During  daytime, seems like we are wearing a mask. On that mask we project what is accepted from the society we live in, the logical coordinates of everything, and everything ‘fixed’ so it can fit into this everyday social world… Even our thoughts are based more on “what others are going to say” , even the will to find a job or the preferences about the lifestyles we want to follow. And we do that subconscious, to avoid the possibility of becoming people of a “lower level” compared to others around us. It’s more of an instinct of self-preservation into this world.
    But when Night comes… Feels like sun takes our masks with him in his downfall… and then, then we feel relief, the relief of loosing that burden, the burden of the mask. Then we can act based on our true instincts, desires and emotions. We become more emotional, we think with our “heart”, we become more open minded and more pure, and our decisions are based on the true desires of our soul…. And that, till the day comes again and push it back to the depths of our soul.

The Negatives