Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Instability? I think…NOT, its ADVENTURE!

     I’m tired of people keep telling me that I am instable because I do lots of different things and having different targets. That has nothing to do with stability, it has to do with the fact that I’m living a very intense life.
    If I was spending my life doing one thing, living in one place, having no opportunities, then YES I could have a “stable” life, with only one target without changing anything. But I have a way of living that I’m always traveling around Europe, meeting new people, gaining knowledge about what’s more in the outside world and most of it… come face to face with new opportunities.
     So, why to do something only because I had in mind to do it and not do something even better in the same way and accept a new opportunity in my life? Lets give an example:  Lets assume that I live in a village in a third world country and I have as my dream to go to the Metropolis. But then I travel a lot and I find another opportunity that I like even more to go and live in a great country’s Metropolis. Then everyone “throws stones at me” telling that I said I’m gonna go to that place and I changed again and stuff like that…
    People! WHY you do not understand that I simply o the same thing I said but in a more evolved version of that? You call me instable and that you cannot rely on my in things like that because I change. You don’t understand one thing. I live for myself! I want to fulfill my dreams, hit my targets, live my desires. Ask my real friends and those who live my adventures with me about me, support, trust …. You are just some people who could never enter my “inside” because you only stand at the surface and see the outside without seeing the reasons behind.
    Unfortunately we live in a society that if you follow your dreams and live your adventures, they call you unstable and untrustworthy! If you are not willing to try and come with me in my adventures, then you have no right to judge me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

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The easy way?

     For the past … years , When I hear people discuss about  someone’s gay lifestyle, I only hear them say “ He chose the easy way” 
       Are you serious people? Been gay and live a gay lifestyle is the easy way? Do you think that someone choses that because its easy compared to have a woman and a kid, but nothing else to be afraid of or having to face the society every single day? Do you have any idea how difficult is for someone to realize that he/she is gay in the very first years of his/her life? To have in mind all the conflicts that may have with the society and in the end hate him/herself for being this way? And lets say that he/she never come out of the closet and act like a str8 person, do you have any idea again about how hard is for someone to hide his/her identity for a lifetime, to act not normal for his/her body, tell lies and live in a fake world that everyday will have to press him/herself to be something else?
     And lets see the case that a gay person accepts the gay lifestyle. How you would feel if you were afraid to walk hand by hand with your lover in public because of  others’ reactions?  To have to hide from your family for years  and have the fear that one day the might know and then the family bond will be destroyed. How would you feel if you could never get married to the ne you love or if you were always the bad example in the society?
     There are so many things that I can tell and so many situations that I can describe and make you realize that live a gay lifestyle isn’t the easy way, but probably the hardest way of living even in our modern society.
      But most of all have that in mind! This article is about the “difficult way of gay lifestyle” right? So how would you feel if people around you put you in another category of living beings only because of who you can fall in love with?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo Quote of the day :)

Chateau Pierrefond

I've seen this Chateau on a TV show, and I was thinking that it might be studios. Then I had a random walk in Paris and my dad told me to go and visit one of his fav places outside Paris and we went to Pierrefond. When I saw the TV show's castle, the chambers, the corridors ahhhh I felt like I was in the movie!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Not sure if DEAD or just BORN

   It comes  a time in our lives that we lose everything. And thats what happened to me. Ofcourse I did not lose money, property or materials, I'm talking about the spiritual loss. When you realize that you just lost your dreams, when your emotions are frozen and when you are hundrend percent sure that there is no meaning to do anything.
    I've just reached that point of emotional corruption and I see nothing! I see a plain  life without ... without anything I wanted and needed to have right now in my life. I wish never to happen to you but when you lose your point of view, your past, your country, your places, your dream lover - soulmate, your emotions, your self... Then you can understand what am I talking about.
    And  here unexpectedly comes the BANG that I realize that now Im realy realy FREE. I have nothing to keep and nothing else to lose, I have nothing and none to be afraid of or... Anyway, simply nothing. And thats what you can see when you are at point ZERO... The only way you can go is UP. In maths there is -1 but in real life 0 is ZERO, theres now lower level than this. And now I can clearly see that I can chose to stay a zero or try to climb again the pyramid of life and try to achieve the Zero to Hero point.
    So even if you are in the bottom of the pit, Remember, Theres always something BETTER out there! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012


     Do you ever feel that your soul is dead but your body keeps working for no reason? Have you ever think of your life and see that theres no point on what you do, and theres nothing in the end because the only final destination is death? If so, then have you ever realise that the point isn't only where you go and who's your final destination BUT to enjoy the trip!
     Thats what im thinking of. I see no reason in life, I see no point to create material treasures and no point to obey stereotypes. The only meaning I see in my life is the meaning of   "Enjoy your Trip" and thats it. After all if you think of it the only thing that remains, are memories. You cannot realy say that there is Present, can you? I bet you cannot because even if you say that you live in the present after a milisecond its already Past. And all of our life is memories and memories the one after another that create that album, that puzzle of images, sounds, feeling, thoughts, dreams  that make us feel that we are alive!
    And that what Im gonna try to do from now on. Up to that very moment I had no real motivation on living, creating and exist! But now I know. I have to create beautiful memories , so when i look back or flipping the pages of my life's album I can see happiness, dreams that came true, moments of joy, fulfiled chapters of my life. And I also know thet the only step or at least the first big step I need to do to succeed is to turn off logic. Because its the only thing that keeps my trapped! With logic I can only do what is common right to do, I an express only what its going to be accepted and in General live in a way of life that is accepted by the "many".
HELL NO!!! I'm not "many" Im just "ONE"!  And as one I ave to create my own rules in my life , I have to construct my own world and live within it. As one I must feel what I need to express or create and not to think what I must do in order to be one of the many.
    Now I know... In order to feel happiness and be me , I have to set myself FREE!

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