Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Quotes About Religion

Well this is the week about Religion, I had no the time to post a photoquote everyday, and probably the next days I will be super-busy to do it, so here is the "collection" of Photo Quotes about religion. I am not against Religion as a spiritual and psilosophical idea, I am against Religion as the business it became!

Monday, January 23, 2012


     Sometimes I love Insanity... Feels like the essense of life. Look around for a moment? What do you see? Just a bunch of people try to act the same so they create o form to fit in and not be outsiders. Is that normal or is that insane? Now look how they react to anything different... They do not accept it , the provoke it, they try to bring it down only because its different and it can wake up people to another point of vie and corrupt the perfect conformity they tried to create. Is that normal or is that insane?
    Years ago I started to believe that what society calls insanity, is in fact someone with a unique brain, a magnificent mind, a creator of his own. Someone who can create worlds in his mind and live inside them. Someone who does not think as the rest of people, and someone who is just sto different that none in the society of conformism can understand or accept. And now Im sure of it.
     People call illness what they can not comprehend. Anything that is different and can work by its own power and abilities its a disease for the society , not because its something useless ut because its something that society can't control. And they can't control it because a core with its own power, doesn't need any help to exist , evovle and finaly create it's own world and take it's rightfull place to the world. they are afraid of not loosing control, they are afraid of not using followers and they are afraid of not being useful to their own slaves anymore. People into a society should understand that they are nothing more than slaves, but they should also know that the slaves are the ones who rule the king. If the slave does not need the protection of its kingdom and does not need his master anymore, he can just fleed and run away to create his own village, his own world with his own rules.
      A lot of times in the past of my life, I used to think that I was insane because of all these things I was able to do, think, or express. And I did that only because I used to compare myself with the other kids of my age. Later at highschool I thought I was a weirdo because I was still able to do things in my life that my classmates couldn't do and that was because I was not afraid to act. Later again when I was studying at the colege I started to believe that I was a failure because they said that I did everything in my own way and I have to follow the lines and the prototypes, they were judging me every single day , they tried to conform me  and keep me into the barriers of what is proper and acceptable.....
     Now I know! All these people in my past that made me feel wrong are just slaves of their own minds, they enslaved themselves to the society and they live with rules that they never liked. And I.... I am a free INSANE person, with the capability to create my own world, my own rules, my own conformity of individuality. And I see it now , each time I look into their eyes again and I see the pain that they stuck behind and I am the only one who moved forward and keeps going.  I may be Insane, But I am FREE!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Papercuts with Greg

These are the "pre sketches" for my friends project. He studies architecture and here are just some random lines we did on papers , to gain the main idea for the surface of his final structure.... Just with a piece of paper and a knife... So simple... Life is about simplicity ...!

And here is a photo of my friend typing on his computer tha same time 
I was cutting the papers and taking photos of them.
I believe I just love this photo not only
as a photo, but most of all because
is my friend on it!
And here is the "workshop"

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Pere Lachaise by Constantin Von Blood

The Pere Lachaice cemetery in Paris. Some of the most famous and rich people from all over the world can be found burried in that place. Eternal lovers burried together, Poets, Actors, Creators....