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Tunisia - MEGAPOST - If you want to visit Tunisia Read this!

So last week I've been to Tunisia for some leisure time. It was THE BEST! The place looks amazing, reminded me a lot of Greece though, the people are the kindest people ever even random people wave at you at the street and yelling "Hello !" and the experience was brilliant.. But let's go more in depth :)
  First of all we chose Thomas Cook, first time with them, I have only the best to say! Check in good, airplane was nice, the crew very friendly, and everyone was very helpful. * The Thomas cook rep. We were calling her ON, she was absolutely awesome! She really deserves the best reviews!

So here we go.

The Hotel:
 We stayed as a very nice places called Aziza Beach. The hotel was very clean, spacious, very good decorated, with lot's of things to do etc. Best part of it, was the stuff! Everyone was a happy smiling person who looked as if they loved their jobs! Out of them all the two that I loved are the restaurant supervisor, such a good guy, always with a joke, helpful, chatty, made our days every morning at the breakfast and every night at dinner ! And the cleaning lady. She was just the greatest cleaning lady I've seen (after my old housekeeper lol) always happy you could see her eyes smiling every time she was talking to someone, always asking how we are doing if we like Tunisia etc.

But let's go to the photos!

The first thing you see when you enter the hotel is this amazing lobby. Plus the only area with proper wi-fi lol.

The restaurant was spacious, very clean, with great stuff and so many choices to choose from. There is food for all kinds of taste!
And the dessert  was Brilliant!!!! <3

The view from the breakfast balcony.
Even their bathrooms looked great.

The room was spacious, very clean, maintained every single day with new towels etc. The TV had some channels and a lot of programs and movies in English and French and the bed was very comfy. Also a great storage space and big wardrobes and suitcase area.

The swimming - pool area was fantastic. Very sunny but with a lot of areas with good shadow for those who want to chill out but don't wan to get burnt  by the sun.

The interior swimming pool was the great choice for either the raining days or for the quiet times.

Entertainment was also a great thing about this hotel. Every night except Sundays they have something special. From belly dancers to magicians, fakirs etc. Here is a photo of the fakir show. All the rest is on video that unfortunately I cannot upload for data reasons.

The Market:
   Shopping in Tunisia is a whole new experience. There are local markets with souks, (little shops) and also the fixed price shops. There is a lot of haggling and never pay more that the 1/3 of the original price that the seller asks. For example I've been asked for 300 dinars for a silver/brass plate, after a lot of haggling ended up paying just 45 . So if you like haggling and people pulling you around go to the souks. If not, just find the fixed price stores and you will go shopping in ease and quiet :) The best fixed price shop by far is Joy's at Yasmine Hamamet in the new Medina.
   Don't be afraid though by people pulling you around, they won't harm you they are just overly friendly and open, very into touching and hugs and just want to sell their merchandise.

The first one is the market at Nabeul. Just a fixed price shop and then the mayhem of haggling and pulling and bargains and stuff... I loved it. People are so happy and kind. A guy at the shop (without me buying a thing) gave me a camel as a gift just because I am from Mediterranean area and a  smiling person haha... Then I bought some pottery and they gave me a fatima hand necklace because they like Greeks haha.

 And this is the market the new Medina and Yasmine Hammamet. Most are fixed price shops but there is haggling as well. More relaxing that the other though!

Some of the things I bough (a bit lazy to take pictures from everything haha : 

 This is a pottery vessel to use in the oven. Hand made, decorated with real silver and camel bone. A bit expensive though but it really worth the money. And also a huge bag of Saffron... You will be amazed to see how cheap saffron is in Tunisia. Saffron per kilo in the UK is around £6.000 .... in Tunisia I got 50 grams for £7.. which means just £140 per kilo! Good deal isn't it?
 And a shihsa :3
 A thing you HAVE to buy from Tunisia is pottery! Comes in all shapes and colours and the quality i fantastic!

Around Hammamet: 
   A nice small town with many things to see. Just a few pictures from here ad there.

That was just "weird" so I took a picture of it haha.

A local coffee shop :3 Soooo lovely and relaxing!
Oh and that's how Coca Cola is in Arabic !!!!

Berber Village - Atlas Mountains: 
An 800 year old village with it's own "tribe" and language! Half the village is renovated and the rest is still with old walls etc. People were very very friendly of course and the whole thing felt very good.

The Pirate Ship:
 THE experience! An Arabic pirate ship, with a pirate crew! They where so funny and entertaining! The ship is a functional ship, we went on board, had music, food, dancing , shows!!! They even stopped in the middle of the sea so we could jump of the ship and have a swim :D

 These guys where AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The view from the ship as t was leaving the port of Hammamet .

 A fakir show on board! He did a lot of things with spikes, but then this was unreal! First he put a blunt sword on his throat and let this big guy step on him and then he actually out it on his EYE!!!!! and they made a girl step on his head while he was supported just by his eye on the blade!

Friguia Animal Park:
Friguis means Africa  in the berber dialect. This is actually a private zoo made from a rich family just for their amusement. But recently they opened it to the public so everyone can go and see all these amazing animals. The life quality in this park is AMAZEBALLS!!!!! Big space for all animals to run and play, gear facilities, lots of food etc.... Plus the animals are used to petting and they approach always for a "cuddle" haha .

 Yep these are actual BLACK swans!!!!!

 A camel ride is a MUST when you visit the park!

I really like the "lion king" themed signs in the park haha :3

 And let's close with a nice photo of this cuddly sea lion! He simply loves kisses and hugs :D <3

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